My name is Dave. In my 40's as I got back into a childhood hobby- camping, and accidentally discovered a talent for photography.  It was my way of hitting the “save button” of my mind’s eye in order to bring back some of the natural beauty of Minnesota’s State Parks.  I began to collect mileage in the State Parks’ Hiking Club and finished all 200 miles by visiting 70 parks over the course of three years from 2012 to 2015.  

During that time I also bought my RV camper trailer (Stella) which helped me get out and about, sometimes even beyond Minnesota’s borders.  Stella has taken me, along with friends and family, to Texas and back as well as around Lake Michigan.  After all of that camping and travel my photography skills got plenty of development.

Photography has become such a habit that my most common subject has become Minneapolis, where I live and work.  With lots of good feedback on Facebook and Instagram I began to sell prints and canvases, as well as calendars over the past few years.  This website will serve as a gallery for family, friends, and even strangers to view what I’m up to and start a conversation about any of my work that they would like to hang in their home.